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Caster Wheels Manufacturers In Karnataka

Karnataka, being an industrial hub in India, is home to several caster wheel manufacturers. Here are some well-known caster wheel manufacturers in Karnataka:

Magnus Mobility Systems Pvt. Ltd.: As mentioned earlier, Magnus Mobility Systems is a leading caster wheel manufacturer with its headquarters in Bangalore, Karnataka. They offer a wide range of caster wheels for various applications and industries.

Paartha Caster & Wheel: Paartha Caster & Wheel, based in Bangalore, Karnataka, is a reputed manufacturer of caster wheels. They provide a diverse range of caster wheels catering to different load capacities and environments.

Rhombus Casters Pvt. Ltd.: Rhombus Casters, located in Mangalore, Karnataka, is a manufacturer and exporter of caster wheels. They specialize in producing heavy-duty caster wheels for industrial applications.

Muvtons Castors Pvt. Ltd.: Muvtons Castors is a caster wheel manufacturer situated in Bengaluru, Karnataka. They offer a wide range of caster wheels for industrial, institutional, and commercial purposes.

Vrunda Geared Casters: Vrunda Geared Casters, based in Bengaluru, Karnataka, is a manufacturer of geared caster wheels used in various material handling applications.

These are just a few examples of caster wheel manufacturers in Karnataka. You can explore further by using online directories, trade platforms, or industry-specific websites to find more options. Additionally, reaching out to local industrial associations and trade fairs in Karnataka can provide valuable information about other caster wheel manufacturers in the state.